Sunday, February 27, 2011

Should I: Starcraft2 or Intuos4?

So I came home tonight after watching the Leafs' game at a friend's place, and there in front of me were 2 choices!  

1.  Should i play some starcraft 2?

2.  Should i paint with my newly purchased Wacom Intuos4 w/ bluetooth?

Here is what happened.

The WiFi is pretty awesome, though this is my only painting so far, I really like having to not worry about the wire getting all tangled up and awkward, especially since i sometimes use it on both my laptop and desktop.  It's too bad Bluetooth is kinda buggy on Windows 7.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Stinky poop TTC sketches

So of all the days i decide to hop on the TTC to work, the entire transit system, the subway, the buses, AND EVEN out on the street stunk of... what can only be described as feces.

It was terribad.

Here are some sketches I did to take my mind off the stench.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sketches on the GO on the GO

I ran out of pages in my 3x5 sketchbook so I busted out the 8x11 on the GO train last week.  It's a little distracting when you KNOW that they KNOW you are drawing them ,especially with a large sketch pad.  I dont do this enough anymore, where I can just ignore them.  I'm so out of practice.

I DID however pick up a new 3x5 so i will be using that instead.. yay!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New gig! oh and Time Out

And YET, another for Time Out!  This one was fun to work on!

Side note: started my new gig with Gallus, and will probably post some sketches of some of my colleagues.  Been crazy busy trying to fit in time to do some blog art! But more to come.

Side side note:  really excited by ASUS's new line of tablets coming out...oohhh the fingers get itchy!