Thursday, July 1, 2010

Who was your favourite Ninja Turtle?

Mine was Raph.  How could it be Raph, you say? His weapon is the shortest, he's a rude (so the song says), an obnoxious bad-ass, and because of this gets his butt kicked in the first movie.

Moving on, way back before I took my art 'seriously' i used to draw ONLY super heroes and my favourite TV characters through childhood.  I didnt paint back then.  I went through phases of Batman, TMNT, Spiderman (still love drawing him), Earthworm Jim, MegaMan, Joker, and EVEN DRAGON BALL Z etc... and over the past few years while trying to actually LEARN how to draw and paint.. i didnt draw any of these characters nearly as much.

So i think it'll be fun to revisit these characters in the coming weeks to see how my mind's eye sees them now, after the long hiatus.  Meanwhile i can just treat these sketches as experiments in Photoshop (or maybe other software?).  Who's next on the list...

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jaclyn said...

i like!

i actually loved drawing TMNT when i was a kid. i can still draw them the same way, it's ultra kiddy and hilarious.

favourite, michelangelo! he loved pizza. i love pizza. :)