Friday, July 30, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Starcraft2 Day! -- a sketch..!

Big hiatus.  Yes i know.  I've been quite busy with commissions, freelance, and trying to nab a job.  The good news: i am now employed here in Beijing as an animator at Possibility Space.  Very exciting!  It's crazy to see the talent surrounding me here.

ALSO...since I'm now living in Beijing, Starcraft2 day actually comes to me before all my friends who eagerly await the sequel in Canada.  Yes that's right.  I'm living in the future.

To celebrate, i sketched this on my laptop.  It was quite difficult as my laptop's LCD is having trouble staying on, at any brightness higher than about medium.   So i'm squinting at this slightly red hued semi-dark screen.

Anyhoo, i hope to add colour to this when my eyes stop burning.  .

Friday, July 9, 2010

tonight: more nostalgia... Cow Launched!

Tonight's sketch.... Earthworm Jim!  Woohoo!!  Played around with painting techniques that i dont usually use.  So it's a bit rough around the edges. I loved this game. It had awesome music too.  I hope they revive this series, but i'm not sure how it would play in 3D.  We dont see enough side-scrollers anymore. I think the last one i played was New Super Mario Bros.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Who was your favourite Ninja Turtle?

Mine was Raph.  How could it be Raph, you say? His weapon is the shortest, he's a rude (so the song says), an obnoxious bad-ass, and because of this gets his butt kicked in the first movie.

Moving on, way back before I took my art 'seriously' i used to draw ONLY super heroes and my favourite TV characters through childhood.  I didnt paint back then.  I went through phases of Batman, TMNT, Spiderman (still love drawing him), Earthworm Jim, MegaMan, Joker, and EVEN DRAGON BALL Z etc... and over the past few years while trying to actually LEARN how to draw and paint.. i didnt draw any of these characters nearly as much.

So i think it'll be fun to revisit these characters in the coming weeks to see how my mind's eye sees them now, after the long hiatus.  Meanwhile i can just treat these sketches as experiments in Photoshop (or maybe other software?).  Who's next on the list...