Sunday, June 6, 2010

1 Year of TimeOut Beijing..

Yet another one for TimeOut Beijing.  Hard to believe I've been contributing to TOBJ for over a year now.  Woohoo!! Speaking of which, I will be contributing to TimeOut HongKong as well in the coming months, cant wait to post that one.

I have a bunch of people sketches that i want to post, but i am without a scanner.  So if you would like to ship a scanner to me in Beijing that would be greatly appreciated.  And if you're feeling generous, a new laptop would be nice too, so i could photoshop, maya and Starcraft 2 on it without problems.  I can barely run Starcraft 1 on my current laptop.  Yes that game is from 1997.  My issues...

1 comment:

Cybrex said...

LOL Andrew. Its all good about SC2, beta ends tomorrow, now you gotta wait till July 27th to play again. :) Though its pretty sad you got a lappy that can barely run SC1, tisk tisk tisk.

Love the drawings as always man, see ya when you return. :)