Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My debut with Time Out Hong Kong

Got the chance to contribute to another Time Out publication, this time for Hong Kong.  As opposed to the usual He Says She Says column for Time Out Beijing--where readers write in seeking relationship advice, this piece was for a quick column about restaurant etiquette.  

Looking back at it now there are a few things I would probably try to change, like the line work.  The line work in this one is scruffy, which works for some of the elements but i find it gets a little messy throughout.  Usually I sketch in pencil and then clean up with pen, but at the time I actually did not have a pencil to rough it in with.  But as it turned out, i ended up liking my initial sketch.  I really enjoy the way I painted the Starbucks Smuggler to the left side there.  

Monday, June 28, 2010

A sketch..finally...

OH MY! almost a whole month without an update.  How bad of me.  It's been challenging this past little bit trying to find time to paint and draw for myself amidst all of the job hunting that's going on.

ALSO..haven't found a scanner yet, so i have a bunch of sketches i really like that have not found their way onto the computer.  But i will upload those in due time.

I had the Wacom out today, and felt like doing a quick painting from a sketch I had uploaded earlier!  Here tis!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

1 Year of TimeOut Beijing..

Yet another one for TimeOut Beijing.  Hard to believe I've been contributing to TOBJ for over a year now.  Woohoo!! Speaking of which, I will be contributing to TimeOut HongKong as well in the coming months, cant wait to post that one.

I have a bunch of people sketches that i want to post, but i am without a scanner.  So if you would like to ship a scanner to me in Beijing that would be greatly appreciated.  And if you're feeling generous, a new laptop would be nice too, so i could photoshop, maya and Starcraft 2 on it without problems.  I can barely run Starcraft 1 on my current laptop.  Yes that game is from 1997.  My issues...