Thursday, April 1, 2010

Revisiting Gus Hansen

One of my first painted caricatures way back when i first started was of professional Poker Play Gus Hansen.   At the time I was pretty happy with it, though it was in black and white, and when glazed with colour it looked flat. 

This time around, this somewhat finished piece went through a number of methods since i couldnt get it to settle down.  I found after i used some basic skin tones to establish values, i could add and alter the colours as needed after.


Tooninator said...

your planes are great around the mouth and lower part of the face. They become a bit ambiguous around the upper portion of the face.

I like where this is going. I suggest working it a bit more. I'd tighten up the eye a bit too in order to create a focal point. The rest can stay loose.

My 2 cents.

Jeffrey Cheung said...

i like this.

i like u.