Friday, March 26, 2010

Look Mawh, i animinated! Ninja wrath!

'Hey Andrew, update your blog more, you've been slacking!', says my 'Mario bros 2 Shy-guy keychain' that  @kel_duh gave me.  He sits on my desk and reminds me to keep up with the blog.
 'What have you been busy with, u slacking liar?' , asks Shy-Guy.

Little does he know, since he has no face and therefore no eyes, that I'm actually quite busy with non-illustration work, hence the slow updates.

Been working on this 60-120 second animated short/exercise since December.  Lots of work is going into this.  And as with every Sheridan 2nd term final film, everyone is just a one-person team.  Each person is responsible to come up with a concept, character and layout design, modeling, rigging, lighting, and of course, the animation.

My main focus for this project is character-animation in dynamic movement as opposed to lip syncing.  That's why all the props and layouts are so simplified.  If i have leftover time i will try to make the props look better.

Only got a few more weeks left, most of the animation is done, so here's a quick look at a bit of it.

Feel free to let me know what you thnik, i know the image isnt great.  It's a very crude playblast to test timing, weight, and fluidity.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jimmy Fricke. He's large.

I was watching poker on TV the other day, the Aussie Millions, and this man, Fricke was runner up to Gus Hansen, whom I painted long ago and he used to be on my website.  And i've got another version of him in the works actually.  I will post that when it's 'done'.

For now, there is Fricke.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nerd Alert: I Starcraft II fever! This is a Zergling.

Nerd alert.  Yes.  I have starcraft II fever. 

Found this old sketch of a Zergling in my sketchbook, so I added wings to make him a Starcraft II zergling.  Yes.  Second nerd alert.

Monday, March 8, 2010

sketches i sketched in my mini-sketchbook. (sketches)

o wow didn't realize my last update was about a month ago.

my lovely gf, who was featured in the post below came to Toronto for a visit last week, and i was fortunate enough to find time to relax with her in a few coffee shops. Luckily i had my mini-sketchboook-of-fun-times in my pocket, so i started to doodle a bit.

I gotta get better at this updating thing.