Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Frenzy Mall Sketches!!

Going to the mall is a huge hassle during the holiday season, yes? I agree!! After a few hours of getting my shopping done, I figured the best way to take a break is to take advantage of the gajilliions of people trying to get their holiday shopping done. Naturally, I grabbed a cup of coffee and just sat in a resting area to draw. So many faces to choose from, and you only have about 4-6 seconds to capture what you THINK you see before they walk past you.

Out comes the mini sketchbook (another great reason to carry one around is you dont wanna carry a large letter size sketchbook while you have arms full of shopping bags), and my trusty Micron and away I go.

I think my favourite one is this first one of the lady working at 2nd cup.

Oh what fun it is to draw.

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yEllowCandy said...

heLlo!!! your sketches. keep up the good work. =)