Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Inspired to do...a quick 15 minute sketch of Ron Wilson?!

Haven't had much time lately to do much digital painting. So while browsing some of the blogs of inspirational artists (some of whom got to got to ISCA--formerly NCN, this year). Some of the art i've seen blew my mind. Hard to believe how much improvement had taken place over a year, yet I feel like i've stagnated somewhat. Gotta draw more. This really sparked me to create something amazing. Well at least ATTEMPT to.

Unfortunately this quick 15 minute sketch was all that would come of it. I DID manage to sketch and paint this entirely digitally (usually i need to sketch on paper first for my best results), so i guess i am learning new tricks somewhat. But do i credit this trick to my new larger tablet?

I actually painted this while watching a Ron Wilson Q&A. Go Leafs Go? No?


Jeffrey Cheung said...


Damion009 said...

me likey

Tooninator said...

def improvement. The structure in the face is convincing and believable. Good work, mate.

neuistry said...

very nice XD!!!~ larger tablet WHAT
when did this happen?