Sunday, November 1, 2009

How to Get'er DONE efficiently! TimeOut Beijing November.

"...everyone in the engine room drowned..." -- Phyllis, The Office

I love that show, how fitting that i'm watching this episode as i write this. The engine room folks on the Titanic were a hard working bunch. Hardworking is GOOD but dont drown in your work like i almost did. The past 2 weeks have been insanity the manatee but here's how I dealt with it.

Once again it was time for another one for TimeOut Beijing. This was a quick turnaround that had to be done during a jam packed schedule and overall i'm quite happy with it. I was up to my neck in deadlines and projects. So what happens is when task after task is stacked up against us, we hyperventilate and get overwhelmed. The cure for fixing that feeling of overwhelmed-ness (is that a word?) is to make a plan.

For example: a commission with 2 subjects-- i will divide it into tasks such as:
1. research
3. composition/block-in
4. details for subject 1
5. details for subject 2
6. background
7. touchups

Even simply writing this out will make you feel more in control. So the above works out nicely to complete 1 task per day over 7 days + 1 extra day for buffer. This way you do not over commit yourself and drain your energy for other projects you have to do that day. Of course you will have to adjust your task management according to the amount of time you are given per project, which is why using a day planner or agenda is extremely useful. I always use one of these to remind myself of deadlines, events, and which tasks i should do and which day, how much time to allot to them, etc.

What do people think? i'd love to hear how other people manage their projects.

As for this piece above, my personal goals were to use more vibrant colours and achieve a cartoonier feel. Any comments and crits are appreciated.

[update] i got a comment concerning '7 days being a long time to do this illustration', which is true, in most cases for magazines you only get a day or two like the above. The example i used above is purely example, and is usually a timeframe easier to follow for caricature commissions.

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Tooninator said...

I always make sure to include eating and showering on my list :)

Always insightful is your blog. Keep it up.