Saturday, October 10, 2009

Peter De Seve's amazing sketchbook -- drawing from imagination?

Picked up Peter De Seve's amazing sketchbook a few weeks ago, and it is very inspiring. He has some amazing drawings of characters; I wonder if these characters are inspired by actual people he sees. I'm sure some of them have to be from his imagination, like this one drawing of a wiry naked man in a tree.

Just goes to show that drawing out of your imagination is just as important as drawing from life. I feel like i've spent so much time drawing people and caricature sketches in cafes through observation that i often forget to delve into my imagination to draw something out of my head. I've almost forgotten how to make something up. I used to be good at this. I wonder if our imagination-power decays as we get older....I suppose like most things, it only decays if you dont exercise it. I'm going to start drawing more from my head and blogging it.

This quick sketch however is from observation and served as a warm up for today's workload. And what a workload it was...

Been so busy these days, it's getting hard to find time to sketch, draw and paint for myself.

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Tooninator said...

I like to draw from life when it's for myself and I use what I learn to do the client work from imagination. It's a delicate balance. I find there's more to learn from life. Just give yourself the opportunity to apply it.

It's good that you're sorta documenting what you've learned or are learning. Should serve you well