Friday, October 16, 2009

curing the itch to sketch which induces barf..

Once again, finding time to sketch is increasingly hard to come by. Once in a while I get the itch during times where it isn't quite convenient or comfortable for sketching. Got the itch while in a long grocery line up. Luckily i had a mini sketchbook with me at the time.

This time around the itch came while I was on my 1.5 hr commute. I find that it's easier for me to draw on a subway versus the bus. This is mostly due to the fact that subways only move in 2 directions, and generally i face forward or to the side (going backwards makes me want to yak).

So my point is, i haven't had the itch in a while, and the itch came while i was on a bus ride--which involves acceleration, deceleration, winding turns, the aromatic smells of people's food, limited leg room and arm room (and i'm not a tall person, that's how crammed it was). What is one to do?

I busted out the clipboard and doodled some live sketches, memory sketches until i felt like puking (took about 30 minutes), and then dozed off for the rest of my trip.

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Tooninator said...

always good to sketch no matter what the circumstance.

Careful not to get too comfortable with profiles.