Monday, February 16, 2009

ds sketches

finally starting to get the hang of it me thinks. more to come soon. The DS sketching sure makes my daily commute a lot more worthwhile.


el said...

I dig the house at the top. Just remember to overlap your shapes to create depth.

Also; I'd have suggested a second upward curve on the left side of the drawing so the characters have somewhere to enter/exit, however I'd have also shifted the house slightly to the right to have the composition slightly unbalanced due to the weight of the house, and then rebalancing it with a foreground element of some sort.

Regardless, I like it. (I only tend to criticize things I actually like, haha).
If you'd like, I can show you what I mean.


Marco Bucci said...

good stuff man! Definitely improving fast. The house at the top is particularly eye catching.

Tooninator said...

nice dude. Must be fun to play with. I should've brought my DS out here.