Friday, July 4, 2008

'drawing for myself'

i get too inhibited with the customer's expectations, and sometimes i gotta realize to get a unique piece to be proud to sign my name on, i'd have to start being a little more selfish with it. So from now on i shall be trying to force myself to draw like i would, if my sketchbook were concealed under the table....starting now!


jason said...

i have the same problem... just trying to make the customer happy... i've been trying to break out of it, especially with people who have a face that just needs to be pushed.

i think you just get a better drawing if you just do what you want with the drawing, customer be damned.

Ian G Beck said...

Dude! Great work as usual and your website looks top - why are you still reading?! get back to that sketchbook! ;)

Andrea said...

step 1: get a customer
step 2: ignore customer's self esteem issues
step 3: draw the picture you want to draw
step 4: be happy... by proxy the customer will be happy.

the customer will seriously feed off of how YOU feel about the drawing. So go out of your way to please yourself first. don't worry about them; they can handle it.

I like your selfi and your dave btw. sweet stuff!