Sunday, May 18, 2008

some work from work

I think i'm finally getting the hang of the marker...though i still cant get over not using an underdrawing. I guess it's ok since it's not too busy and i they're only demos.

Underdrawing is when you draw out a plan or map of what you want to draw underneath the actual drawing on a separate sheet, and then proceed to draw the 'good drawing' on top. They say it slows you down when you do an underdrawing, and takes away some of the 'magic' of a caricature seemingly appearing from nowhere, which is true..

However I find there still IS SOME magic in seeing 4-5 broad quick lines, guiding you enough to capture likeness. I know it's working to help when non-caricaturists watch from behind and say 'hey that DOES look like him' even though they are very loose structural lines they're seeing, they still recognize their dear friend.

When I underdraw i like to keep it fast, and loose, keep the energy high in the drawing, since the marker tends to draw a little slower, it can start to look static. I tend to underdraw so quickly that it takes less time for me to complete a full drawing with an underdrawing, than without. Without it, i struggle with placing lines in the right place, and exaggeration and i hesitate more..ends up being a much more slow and tedious process for me. Maybe 7-8 mins compared to 4-5.

i guess i have to get over it, and draw straight to paper eventually. Here are some demonstrations to attract some business. No coloured ones were deemed good enough to be posted yet. haha.

The first drawing was done without an underdrawing, and the second was done with one. I finished the old man quicker. hmmmm...

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Tooninator said...

You'll get it...I guarantee it. Got some slick work going on. AND...I'm about to find out if guys like us would need a permit to do some caricaturing in Niagara Falls...if you're interested.