Tuesday, January 16, 2007

fist shaking chunny!

Chunny sometimes randomly enters my housemate's room in a towel, perhaps either holding a toothbrush as it vibrates in his hand or shakes his fist and leaves...we dunno why he does this...
but to celebrate this ritual that Chunny has, i've worked up this sketch of him. Next to his picture you'll find his random sayings to add to the fun. Let's see if you can decipher the last quote..it's from Starcraft! We've been playing that a lot, the addiction has returned.

This time i used the brush tool in Sketchbook pro, not the airbrush. Tuesday lurks, and i think we're going to be using colour in our work. YAY!

"Where'th my mannnnnn..?"
"oh thith lookth exthquithite!"
"exthpoler reporting!"
"eth-thee-vee good to go thir!"

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