Friday, May 10, 2013

tumblr time

Wow almost a year since my last post here.  it's probably safe to say that my blogging has been slacking.

To alleviate this i'd picked up a Samsung Note 8 tablet, and it's actually been making the transition between drawing and blogging a lot more streamlined.

I will be posting updates from now on using
Also, I will be trying my best to use twitter (follow me if you use that to post about things I need to rant about.  Usually drawing, animation, gaming, and sometimes Leaf talk.

Please do me a favour and head over to those sites and follow it up!

See you all on the flippity-do!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I took a trip!

I'm getting pretty bad at updating this.

I recently went to New York, and decided that this would be a great chance to sketch.  There's nothing distinctively "New York" about them... they could've been drawn anywhere.  But it was the act of getting away and getting up and out of the everyday grind, that my mind needed to cure my pen's itch.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

first new blog entry since....?

no excuses! just less inspired and energetic to do this in my spare time.  


i forced myself to draw on the TTC's what I came up with.

Friday, February 3, 2012

sketches of SC2 people! Tyler and dApollo

Some quick sketches during lunch!  We have cartoon-catures of LiquidTyler and dApollo

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

another sketch on the daily commute!

again sketched on my galaxy nexus!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

sketch sketch -- crash -- resume on the NEXUS

So i started this sketch on the train on my way home, and it was finished and ready to save, when, my phone rebooted itself and was unable to save.  I certainly hope this isnt a sign of things to come.  I just have to save it every 10 minutes perhaps.

It's unfortunate because, usually for me, it's hard to recapture the spontaneous energy that was captured in the original sketch.  But alas, after the reboot i had to repaint what i remembered when i got home.  Here's how it turned out.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Tablet discussion and New Galaxy Nexus sketch!

So it appears that my last update was back in Oct 2011.  Before you all go judge me and call me a slacker realize that this has been the longest rut of creativity I've had since taking on art as a full time occupation and hobby.  And I'm glad I'm starting to slowly gain back some ground.

Over the holiday, I picked up a Galaxy Nexus, and along with my Targus stylus gave Sketchbook Mobile another shot.  Ever since I used to sketch on my Nintendo DS I have been unable to find a decent medium to digitally paint on.  I have long since stopped using my DS, so the next device to try out was the iPod touch.  Unfortunately it was too small and so was my HTC Desire.  That plus the lack of pressure sensitivity was enough to discourage me from trying again any time soon.  For about 2 years I've been waiting and wanting to find a replacement..

My Nexus, however, has the biggest and brightest screen of all my previously owned devices, and I'm glad to say that this makes up for the lack of pressure sensitivity for my device.  So perhaps this is the role that can be filled by the over-saturation of Tablets in the market.  With this in mind I have been waiting and researching the various tablets out there, finding the sweet balance between cost and usability.  As long as the tablet has Honeycomb on it, Sketchbook Pro can be used with pressure sensitivity.  That's right, capacitive touch input, WITH pressure sensitivity.  So far the best deal I've seen is the Thinkpad Tablet, even though it's not marketed to designers or artists.  How silly.

I'm still struggling to find the niche for which the tablet may have with a digital artist.  While it might be nice to doodle and sketch on the move, will my Nexus be enough to cure that itch?  Mobile sketching and painting is purely hobby, and it's not as if the tablet will replace any Wacom attached to my PC anyway.  That being said, Samsung may have an answer for this as the Galaxy Note is coming out and will not only be even bigger than the Nexus, it will sport a pressure sensitive stylus.  This might be the answer, but would we really want to have to carry around a 5" phone just so we can sketch on the go?

The new tablet technology coming out certainly is exciting, and for some reason it's hard to find discussions from what can arguably be the biggest market and niche for the entire tablet industry -- artists.  Hopefully someone will read this and see, yes we need tablets, with pressure sensitivity.  Let's give the Wacom cintiq a run for their money.

Sketched on my Nexus